We provide you with short, refreshing inputs on sustainability in tourism


Impact requires you to join forces. Our keynotes are designed to get everyone on the same page and provide you with essential basic knowledge.


In our crisp keynotes, we inform you and your organisation about the latest trends from science and practice and activate you to strengthen your impact in a targeted way.


Our keynotes are 30 to 60 minutes long and can be booked at your office or online.

We enjoy talking about


Sustainability has arrived in the middle of society.

The topic is complex and raises many discussions. It needs a good, shared knowledge base to tackle real change together – hands-on, away from empty promises and greenwashing.


Transformation is the change from a current state to a future state. To take the most direct path to the destination, it is important to have a clear idea of the direction. In which direction should it go? What should be transformed? And what does a desirable future even look like?


Without a long-term shift in attitude and mindset, sustainability measures are a bottomless pit. Why does sustainable change start with each individual? How does it feel to live in harmony with nature? And does all of this perhaps not have to be as difficult as often assumed?

Excerpt of our topics:
  • Green What? – What sustainability really means in tourism.
  • Beyond Sustainability – What it’s really about: Change.
  • Sustainable, more sustainable, most sustainable?! – Communication beyond greenwashing.
Excerpt of our topics:
  • Why we need positive images of the future instead of apocalypse
  • The diversity of futures – a value question
  • Actively shaping the future instead of running after the facts
  • Transformation as a journey
Excerpt of our topics:
  • Sustainability as a mindset shift
  • Successfully implementing sustainability as a management principle
  • Training employees and internal positioning
  • Shaping attitudes – more than just education