Interactively and creatively, we guide you to your common goal.


Just by talking about it, the world will not change. Impact comes alive and can be experienced through your actions. This is the only way to leave your mark.


In our interactive workshops, we work with you on your positioning, strategy or product with regard to sustainability. Hands on and sleeves up!



Our workshops are available for half-day or full-day and can be booked at your office or online.

We work with you on

Orientation in the field of sustainability (Half day/Full day)

  • Overview: Tourism & Sustainability
  • Analysis of the current state
  • The way to a sustainability programme and beyond
  • Roles, communication, criteria and standards, reporting and monitoring

Futuring Tourism – Proactively shaping the Future (Half day/Full day)

  • Identifying desirable futures
  • Formulating a shared vision
  • Definition of short-term, medium-term and long-term goals
  • Roadmaps with actions

SDGs & IDGs – Sustainability done differently (Full day/2-Day workshop)

  • Overview: SDGs – goals and actions
  • Finally bridging the gap between knowing and doing
  • IDGs: Inner competencies to achieve the goals
  • Transformation skills for leaders & teams

Communicating sustainability for good (Half or Full day / 2-Day workshop)

  • for businesses and destinations
  • Finding your own way: Being authentic
  • Away from the greenwashing trap and in line with the Green Claim Directive
  • Targeting guests and internal stakeholders

Uncertified Sustainable – certification is not mandatory, but possible – but how? (Half day/Full day)

  • Overview and clarity in the certification jungle
  • Advantages and practical benefits of certification
  • Possible disadvantages of certification
  • Roadmap to certification
  • Alternative paths and accompanying steps

Impactful Success – Sustainability as an attitude and success factor (Half day/Full day)

  • Sustainability as a shift in mindset
  • Successfully implementing sustainability as a management principle
  • Employee training and internal positioning
  • Shaping attitudes – more than just education


GSTC Training

Comprehensive basic knowledge on sustainability in tourism. As GSTC trainer together with HOELZ CONSULTING.

  • 16 hours compact workshop for destinations and/or companies
  • Comprehensive understanding of sustainability in tourism
  • Building up sound knowledge of the GSTC criteria and their practical implementation
  • Access to the GSTC examination with certificate